Romantic Weekend Getaway in Maui

Romantic Weekend Getaway in Maui

That's right, a weekend in Maui! Our second adventure started out together in the summer of 2013. We were looking for a July 4th weekend getaway and landed on Maui. Now we know what most of you are saying "A weekend in Maui?! That's not enough time at all!" But honestly it was the perfect amount of time. We still were able to have days at the beach, explore the island a little bit and have a great weekend getaway from the city. 



Where we stayed

We decided to stay in Kaanapali at The Sheraton. Not only is it located on the beautiful Kaanapali beach, where you can snorkel with sea turtles and cliff jumping off the famous Black Rock, Kaanapali also offers lots of shops and restaurant.  Plus, it is only a 15min drive to Lahaina.


Our two favorite eats on Maui

 Mama's Fish House hands down is the best dining experience on Maui. From its secluded beach front, to its open air dining room. It is on the pricey side but so worth it. Especially for date night, an anniversary or a birthday celebration. Though it is pricy, it has this great eclectic island vibe so do not feel like you have to dress up too much. Island dressy is just fine. 

This next place is actually a food truck and one of those its-so-good-you-cannot-miss-while-on-Maui places. It is so good we totally forgot to take any pictures! Geste Shrimp Truck is the best shrimp you will EVER have! Yes, the BEST you will ever have. To this day almost 5 years later we have yet to come across shrimp this good! 

Tip: It is closed on Sundays!! 


Exploring Maui

After a couple of days of relaxing on the beach, we wanted to explore Maui to get a better feel for what it's like.  We decided to spend 2 days explore the island.  

The first day we drove down the southwest side of the island. Towards the town of Wailea. We have found out of all the Hawaiian islands, Maui has some of the most scenic ocean front roads. So we spent the day driving around and found new places to explore.  The view was stunning even from the car!  Wailea is a beautiful little town surrounded by all the very nice resorts (this is where a lot of celebrities will stay). After walking around the little square of Wailea, we kept heading south to a beach called Makena. Makena is a stunning beach and we highly recommend visiting. At this point we were a little beached out so we continued to head south to the Lava Fields at La Perouse Bay, which we highly recommend doing at sunset! Not only were the lava fields great to see, you get a killer sunset view from this side of the island. 

Our last day on Maui and our last day to explore the island we wanted to see part of the road to Hana. We had an evening flight, so we checked out of the hotel early and headed to the east side of Maui. We arrived in Paia Town in the late morning. We decided to check out the town and grab some brunch before heading onto the road to Hana. Paia Town is the beginning of the Hana Highway. Most people just drive right through but we recommend stopping by at least for a coffee. With its cute charming streets, and organic driven culture, it a very nice little hippy town.  

Tip: When you first get into Paia Town there is a Shell gas station on your right hand side. At this Shell by the register you will find a CD with all the info about the road to Hana. It will tell you every stop and how to find each location step by step. 

After exploring Paia Town we headed out on the road to Hana. It was recommend to skip the first stop Twin Falls. Since this is the first stop it is always over crowded and not worth the time. We opted to make our first stop at the Bamboo Forest which is located between mile marker 6 and 7 on the Hana Highway. 

Tip: There are four waterfalls you can hike to one after another and with each waterfall the hike gets a little bit longer and harder. The fourth and last waterfall is only accessible by swimming to. So either bring a dry bag or be prepared to stash your belonging in the bushes. 

The Bamboo Forest took us a few hours and by the time we finished, we needed to head to the airport. Even though we were only able to see a very small part of the road to Hana it was well worth the long drive.

Our weekend in Maui was a success.  It may have been short but it was the perfect getaway that we needed. Just remember you do not always need a long vacation. Sometimes the short and sweet ones can be the best! Just like our weekend in Maui.