Amazing Things to Do in Thailand

Amazing Things to Do in Thailand

Barbie's first time to Asia started in the winter of 2013. Just 8 months after meeting each other, Panda thought it was a good idea to bring her home to meet his parents. Barbie agreed since she had never been to Asia and wanted to check out the part of the world. So they decided to make the trip. 

They decided to start with Thailand. Panda had also never been to Thailand and thought it would be good for Barbie to get over the culture shock of Asia.  It would give her time to acclimate before heading to Hong Kong to meet his parents. 


Arriving in Bangkok 

Arriving in Bangkok and Barbie's first steps in Asia were delightful. She had little to no culture shock and fell in love with the Thai food and the Thai people right away. Barbie and Panda spent the few days they had in Bangkok exploring the streets, eating tons of delicious food and checking out the The Grand Palace



The last day Barbie and Panda had in Bangkok they decided to check out what they thought was a local floating market. Little did they know it was a 2 hour drive from Bangkok and a complete tourist trap! Dammnoen Saduak Floating Market is not worth the time at all to see. Not only are you boated around on stinky gas motored boats, the water was so dirty, and all the vendors were trying to sell was a bunch of mass produced trinkets. The only good thing about Dammnoen Saduak Floating Market was the food! Especially the most delouse coconut pancakes one will ever have!


Railay Beach 

Barbie was enjoying her first time in Asia but was ready for a change of scenery. So the two of them boarded a plane and headed down to the beautiful Railay Beach. To get to Railay Beach one must travel to Krabi Town. From there you take a boat to Railay Beach. This was the perfect spot for Barbie and Panda to spend their second week in Asia together. Upon arriving they checked into Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa. Set against towering limestone mountains and surrounded by the lush jungle of southern Thailand, Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa is a perfect spot for couples!! For the next week Barbie and Panda relaxed at the beach, hiked up mountains, rock climbed down cliffs into a lagoon and took a boat ride to all the surrounding islands. 

Tip: If you venture to the lagoon make sure to go at high tide! Otherwise it will be a mud pit! 


Hong Kong

After almost 2 weeks in Asia, Barbie and Panda were ready to head to Hong Kong to meet Panda's parents. The meeting of the parents went well.  Unfortunately, Barbie came down with some Asian plague and was in the hotel room for almost their entire 10 day stay in Hong Kong. All in all Barbies first time to Asia was a success! And just the beginning of Asia adventures!