4 Nights In Mykonos

4 Nights In Mykonos


It had always been a dream of ours to visit the Greek islands and we knew the summer of 2019 would be our year to explore this beautiful country. We decided to visit during mid-June to try and beat the summer crowds but still enjoy the summer weather. The two must-see islands for us were Mykonos and Santorini, since those are the 2 most popular islands.

We arrived to Mykonos around 11am and were greeted at the airport by a staff member of the first hotel we would be staying at during our time on the island. After a quick 10min ride, we arrived at Mykonos Riviera (a brand new property in Mykonos). We were welcomed with a cold glass of sparkling wine and began the check-in process. Our room wasn’t ready yet so after check-in we headed up to the Pool Club for some lunch. After a very tasty meal and a nice bottle of wine, our room was ready! We were pleasantly surprised to find out we had been upgraded to a Jacuzzi Suite!! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in our room, which included a large balcony, and the amazing infinity swimming pool.

After a lovely early evening siesta, we made our way down to LAFS, Mykonos Riviera’s restaurant with contemporary Lebanese-Mediterranean Cuisine inspired by the Michelin Awarded Chef Greg Malouf. Not only was the meal phenomenal, we were also treated to a beautiful sunset!

After dinner we headed back up to our room to enjoy our hot tub on the balcony. The jet lag was starting to kick in and the next day was going to be a big one! It was a perfect way to end what was already a great start to our time in Mykonos.

Day 2 on the island we had decided to spend the afternoon at Nammos, one of the top beach clubs on Mykonos. It is rated one of the top beach clubs in the world! We arrived to Nammos around 11am to secure beach chairs.

Tips: If you want beach chairs, arrive around 11am to make sure you can get one. They go fast and you cannot make reservations for them (unless you want to spend lots of $$$$$). They cost 150 euro per chair but definitely worth it. Be prepared for it to be a pricey day as drinks are around 25 euro a pop and food started out at 35 euro for a small app. It is a little bougie but we knew that going into it… after all this is a place where the rich and famous like to hang out while in Mykonos. Also, we recommend that you make a late lunch reservation in the open-air dinning room around 5pm. Everyday it turns into a huge party. Lets just say there are champagne showers and dancing on the tables!! We opted for a 4:30pm reservation and that was perfect time to eat before it got too crazy!

Disclaimer: Not very many photos were taking during this time as we were eating, drinking and dancing to our hearts content 😊 Here are the few we took with our phone.

We left Nammos around 8pm I think…..Our driver picked us up to take us back to our hotel so we could change and then head back out. This time, we headed to Scorpios, the #1 nightclub in Mykonos! And it was Sunday, when they have their best party of the week!!

Tips: Have your hotel book all reservations for you and get private car transfers. It makes life a lot easier while you are on the Island and unless you have a car. There really are no taxi’s or Ubers there. The average cost of a private transfer one way is 35 euro. This was one thing Mykonos Riviera did for us upon check in. They found out everywhere we wanted to go and made reservations for us. They also connected us with a private car service.

Anyways, we left our hotel around 9:30pm. Without traffic, Scorpios is only 25min away from our hotel. But since it was the biggest party day for them, the one small road heading to the club was packed. It ended up taking us a bit over an hour. We arrived around 10:30-11pm. The party technically ends around 12am. However, our driver reassured us the party usually goes on until 1:30-2am. It was an amazing night and if you like house music we highly recommended checking out Scorpios.

On Day 3, we woke up with a mild hangover but not too bad. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Mykonos Riviera. They offer this amazing breakfast spread everyday by the pool and it came with our room so we couldn’t resist.

After breakfast it was time to check-out since we were changing hotel from Mykonos Riviera to one of their sister properties Mykonos Grand. Before heading over to the new hotel, we wanted to go explore the city center and scout out locations where we wanted to shoot for Instagram. Mykonos Riviera transferred our luggage to Mykonos Grand and arranged an ATV for us to use. For the next 2 days we were going to explore the island and not party, so we knew we would be fine to drive ourselves around. And ATVs are very popular on the island. They are so convenient and fun to drive!. After walking around the city center, we made our way to Mykonos Grand. Upon our arrival, our room was ready and our bags were already in our room! And guess what… we got upgraded again into their Sea View Suite.

We wanted to enjoy Mykonos Grand more, so we decided to stay at the hotel and have dinner at their restaurant, Dolphins of Delos. It not only offers amazing Greek food, you are also greeted with a spectacular sunset view!

After a delicious meal and unbelievably beautiful sunset, we headed back up to the room for an early bedtime as the next day was going to be a long one!!

Day 4 we woke up at 6am to head down to the city center to catch golden hour and try and beat the crowds. We wanted to get shots for our blog and Instagram. Stay tuned for our next blog “Top 5 Instagram spots in Mykonos”. We will highlight all of the locations we shot while exploring the city center.

After having a great morning shooting around city center, we headed back to Mykonos Grand. We needed to change and grab stuff for boating! We signed up for Don Blue Yachting at 10am at the marina for a 2hr boat ride around the island. More details on that in our next blog about our experience with Don Blue Yachting. After a fantastic time out on the water, we headed back to Mykonos Grand to change one more time and grab some stuff for our next adventure. We were going to drive our ATV to Fokos beach located on the northeastern side of the island. Fokos is a undeveloped beach, so no beach clubs or rows of beach chairs. We were told this beach is a local favorite, away from the common tourists. It had a very authentic feeling to it. There is also one restaurant there appropriately named Fokos, offering tradtional fresh Mediterranean food. They use local and seasonal ingredients making the food so delicious. We had one of our best meals there.

Once our bellies were full of delicious food and wine, we headed to the beach to relax for the rest of the afternoon. After a couple of hours relaxing, we began the 35min drive back to Mykonos Grand. We arrived just in time to refresh ourselves and head back out. It was our last night in Mykonos and we were heading to 180 Sunset Bar. Its a very popular spot to enjoy some sunset cocktails. This place is famous for its epic view of Mykonos town during sunset!

Once we had enjoyed our last Mykonos sunset, we headed down into the town for our last meal and to walk the streets of the city center one more time.

Overall we had an amazing time in Mykonos. We fell in love with this beautiful island and left a piece of our hearts there. We couldn’t have asked for better places to stay. Mykonos Riviera and Mykonos Grand both were phenomenal hotels. We loved the more modern vibe of Mykonos Riviera and the more traditional feel of Mykonos Grand. We also loved both of the locations being very conveniently located and offering slightly different feels for the island. Mykonos Riviera is located 10 mins north of the city center and right across from the ferry terminal, so you can feel a bit more of the hustle and bustle. Mykonos Grand is located 10mins south of the city center and has a more remote and relaxing vibe.

We cant wait to visit Mykonos again and explore more of this beautiful island.